A Reflection on the Position of Community Medicine in Iran: Back from Classroom to Community

Document Type : Letter to the Editor


MD, Shiraz University of Medical Sciences, Shiraz, Iran.



Dear Editor-in-Chief,
Receiving the highest quality healthcare is a recognized right of all people in all societies. Such care should be considered at all levels of prevention (primary and first, second, third, and fourth levels). The provision of preventive care at the primary and first levels is the cost of the most effective care to maintain and improve health and is based on the highest levels of documentation, and every health system should focus on prevention programs. The field of Community Medicine in Iran has been created to achieve these goals. The objective is to equip the graduates of this field with the knowledge and technology of the day to continuously measure, analyze, monitor, and criticize indicators of health with a focus on primary prevention by identifying and planning to control the risk factors of diseases at various levels (individual, population, and society), and play a role in reducing the burden of diseases (1).
However, after many years since the establishment of the field of Community Medicine in the country, no fixed position has been defined in society for the graduates of this field. As a result, the Community Medicine specialists have to work in other positions and specializations and not the community, gradually moving away from the philosophy and mission of training by working in unrelated positions. The Ministry of Health, Treatment, and Medical Education should plan for employment opportunities for the graduates of this field according to their accomplished training.